Make sure you pack your Toofypegs 2-in-1 dental relief

Dental problems can strike when you least expect, don’t let them spoil your holiday, make Toofypegs an essential part of your luggage, and prevent having to find emergency treatment in a strange town or even worse, abroad. Toofypegs is recommended by dentists as a temporary emergency fix. It is easy to use and will repair yur crown or fillings while you’re away.

The pack contains everything you need to replace a lost filling or loose crowns, including antiseptic minty mouthwash tablets to provide a pleasantly flavoured effervescent cleansing solution, a temporary filling material for sealing a broken cavity and cement to replace loose crowns.


   I have several crowns & I always pack Toofypegs when I go away – I was in Crete last summer & suffered a loose crown at the front – a few minutes later it was sorted– I saw my dentist when I got back & he couldn’t believe I’d fixed it myself.
Mrs. M South Shields  

Toofypegs helps get your smile back on the road.