Discover how to correct broken crowns

If you have pain due to a broken crown or cap, use Toofypegs. Toofypegs works as temporary repair kit to replace lost fillings and loose crowns. To be used as an emergency fix only, you should consult your dentist immediately as this is only a temporary fix. Depending on the damage your dentist will let you know if the they can replace the broken crown or you may need to have a replacement fitted.

How to use Toofypegs for a broken crown emergency

  • Add the pleasant tasting mouthwash tablets to water & rinse mouth.
  • Dry cavity area with a blast of warm air (if possible, try using a hairdryer).
  • Soften the filling stick with hot water and apply to cavity area until sealed.
  • Allow filing formula to harden for a few moments.

Replace a crown or cap instructions

Toofypegs provides great dental relief in an emergency